Goodbye 2009

tree04I don’t know about you, but for me 2009 was a great year. It was the year when I decided and succeeded to make a great change in my life and move from corporate life to freelancing, when I spent more with my kids and my family and, of course when I started this blog and some other new projects.

2009 was a great year for me and for this I have first to thank you. You made my year so great and helped me go over some difficult periods. And because it is Christmas time, I hope you are all well with your families, and Santa already visited you, leaving some gifts behind and a lot of joy.

Tell me how 2009 treated you, what were your great achievements in the last year by just leaving a comment below.

And my thanks go to…

While in the US is the Thanks Giving and Black Friday shopping frenzy, I thought that this is a good moment to say “Thank you” to some people I know (online or offline):

1.First  to you, the reader of this blog, because you inspire me, help me experiment and keep this blog alive

2. To Hubspot people (Rick, Rebecca, Mike and all others) because they gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about Inbound Marketing at IMU.

2. To my colleagues from IMU which helped me with their expertise (Dan Ronken, Kim Kolb, Ton Aničić and others).

3. To my former colleagues from Bancpost who helped me through these past 6 months.

4. To my family (my wife, my gorgeous 2 daughters, my parents and my sister) who stood by me all this time and inspired me to go further.

5. To all my friends, old and new, existing and future, online and offline

6. To people that created these books which I enjoyed a lot and gave me their invaluable advice

7. To my teachers

To all of you I want to say a big:


5 reasons why you should never ask for a raise

Several days ago I realized that during my corporate life I have never asked for a raise. When I left my last job I was earning four times more than the moment I was first hired with 6 years before. And I asked myself why I did so good without even asking for it and why you have chances to earn more when you are not asking for a raise:
1. If you focus on what you have to do then you will do it better and with better results. Results are the ones that trigger the raise not you asking for it.
2. If you think you should get a raise you start to become demotivated and this will lead to poor results in your work.
3. If your boss does not realize you should get the raise either you are in the wrong place or you are not doing what you are supposed to do. In both cases you should change something, either the organization or your attitude. Since the last one is very hard to change most of the people I’ve seen in this situation changed the organization.
4. Lets suppose that you are going to ask for a raise and you get what you asked for. What would you think afterward? Shouldn’t I ask more? Have I asked for too little? All these will determine you to overvalue your efforts and in the end you will ask for more and chances are that second time you will not get the raise, become unhappy and leave the company.
5. If you are doing the job just for the money you are in the wrong place. Work should be fun and if this is what you are missing not even all the money in the world will not be able to compensate your efforts so start looking now for your new job or start your own business. It will change your perspective and make your life happier.

Have you tried to get a raise by asking for it? Did it worked in the long run? Tell me your experience bellow.

I have passed the exam

After waiting for a week for the release of the official results I can finaly tell you all that I have passed the exam. I am now officialy an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and here is my badge.

Want one for you? Just go to and start the IMU courses in August.

Want some advice? Just drop a message below.

My first sale

I come from a former communist country. There are many disadvantages of living in a communist country. One of those is that it is very hard for you to go abroad. And if you succeed all your neighbors will envy you.

After finishing the 10th grade my parents succeeded to buy me and my sister a trip abroad. Poland was the lucky winner from the list of available countries. It was midsummer and we were going to Warsaw by train. 14 hours by train through the former USSR and then Poland. 

In those times you were not allowed to have foreign currency. We got the equivalent of $10 for the whole trip that last for 12 days. Not too much. You were able to buy some refreshments with these money. So we became creative and we asked people that previously went to Poland. We were told that cotton articles are selling very well, cigarets and spirits. 

After 1 day on the train we finally reached Warsaw. We had to convert the goods we had into cash. This was already organized. We were dropped to a local flea market. I had no experience in selling. My sister gave me a T-shirt and she gave me some advice. Smile and when somebody talks to you show them this piece of paper where she previously wrote the price. Standing there with the T-shirt in my hands I felt ashamed. Fortunately this has passed pretty soon and I started to learn some words in Polish. I learned how they said How much?, I learned the numbers in order to tell them how much the price was and then I helped the others to communicate.

That T-shirt was my first sale and I thank my sister for giving me my first sales training. It worked out so I started to sell more.

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