Books you should read

In their book “Trust Agents”, Julien Smith and Chris Brogan tell a story about how you can become richer (not necessary in terms of money) without loosing anything. In short the story is the following:

If I have a dollar and trade that dollar for something you have, I will be 1 dollar poorer and you will be 1 dollar richer. But if I have an idea, I know a story, a joke, a piece of advice and tell you, I will not loose anything while you will be richer.

In the last 6 months I managed to read more or less a dozen of books that I wanted to read for some time. Their effect on myself was profound so today, I want to share what I have learned form those books with you and I will start a new category on this blog: Books you should read. In this way you will find out what is out there you should read to became a buzzmaker in your niche. If you have some suggestions on other books drop me a comment and I’ll try them.

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