You can win the elections too

I found this video on YouTube. I have seen a similar presentation live and it taught me that it doesn’t matter if you are the future president or you are a small business owner you have access to the same tools and head for the same results. Enjoy the video and leave your opinion below.

PayPal challenge

PayPal Puzzle

PayPal Puzzle

I was writing last week about the challenge launched by PayPal. If you cannot sleep until you solve the mystery here is the solution: you have to go to, enter the word you see on the screen and then enter the Konami code in order to enter the site. Then you will find out what is all about but I will not talk about this now. Instead I will ask what do you think? Is this type of promotion effective? What PayPal is trying to achieve in this way? Are you thinking to use a similar scenario to promote your product?

Online cryptic challenge

If you like puzzles here is one for you: PayPal is launching a challenge. They will hide clues in plain site  and winners will be announced at their conference in November. Your first clue is in this video.

On the other hand this is a very creative way of making buzz about the new PayPal X launch.

More on PayPal challenge you can find here and if you have any idea about the clue drop a comment.

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