How may I help you?

New media is about sharing and helping others. Till now I was doing the sharing part but I find it pretty hard to figure out what are the issues you are trying to solve. This post is for you to share the things for which you need some help and I will try to help or, through my network to find somebody who cen help. So please help me to help you by posting a comment bellow or tweet me @adrianchira.

I am a heretic

I know, guys like me were burned to death some centuries ago. I am lucky, I survived to this age. But the heretics of today are not safer than yesterday. In one organization I was asked to leave because I put too many questions. I questioned the status quo, the organization’s policies and I tried to improve them. I even found solutions to improve the present situation. After some time I figured out that the organization didn’t need me and for sure I didn’t need THAT company. So I started over. Another job, similar questions.

I was lucky to find a window of opportunity in one company and I was let to lead. I took part in 2 mergers in less than a year and I had the chance to make things better and for sure different and I became a happy heretic.

Now I look for the new challenge. If you have place for a heretic, drop a comment. If you are a heretic too, tell me how you succeeded.

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