New Inbound Marketing University classes starting today

If you want to became an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional join me  for free. Just go to Inbound Marketing University and register for the classes. This season you have 2 new ones. The first one is held by Mitch Joel from Twist Image and author of Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone. and the second one is held by Paula Berg from Sothwest Airlines.

If you just want to learn more about inbound marketing you can get the recordings of the previous classes here and if you like them drop me a comment bellow.

Trust Agents

I just have received Chris Brogan’s “Trust Agents” from Amazon. I just cant wait to start reading it. Have you read it? What is your comment on the book?

You can buy this book here:

Wondering what I was doing?

If you were wondering what I was doing here is the answer. I was trying to figure out a way for my name to appear on the posts I make instead of the well known “posted by admin”. But I found out 2 ways to do this with WordPress (the CMS that I am using on this blog). For those that have the same issue here are the 2 ways:

1. The easiest way is to go to your profile page (Users->Admin) and choose your name as your nickname instead of the default admin.

2. The other way is to create a new user for you (go to Users-> Add New) with your name. In this way WordPress will display your name (your new user name) as the one that published the post. The only thing that you have to take care is to log in with the new user name and password.

Have other issues with WordPress? Drop a comment here!

I am in the learning business

When you have a small business you should decide who are your customers, what services or products are you going to offer and in what business you are going to be. You cannot do everything for everybody without failing so you have to make up your mind from the beginning.

So I asked myself in what business am I going to be? This seems a pretty simple question but for most of the companies I’ve seen the answer is not so clear and as expected it took me some time to figure it out. I am in the learning business. Why? I am learning from when I was a kid and continue to learn. I have developed tools and skills for learning. I can learn from books, presentations, articles, people and even design experiments that make me learn new things that are not yet documented (this blog is one of them but not the only one).

When I give you my advice I give you part of what I learned so I am in the learning business. But what about you? In what business are you? What do you do for a living and for a lifetime? Leave me a comment and I will learn from it.

How may I help you?

New media is about sharing and helping others. Till now I was doing the sharing part but I find it pretty hard to figure out what are the issues you are trying to solve. This post is for you to share the things for which you need some help and I will try to help or, through my network to find somebody who cen help. So please help me to help you by posting a comment bellow or tweet me @adrianchira.

I support Chris Brogan

New media is not about yourself, it is about the others and what can you do to help the community. Here is what I did today. I pre-ordered the new book from Chris Brogan called Trust Agents. It will be available by the beginning of September and it sounds really cool.  The second thing is that Chris asked all his friends to buy one copy of the book, he needs to sell 768 books by this Saturday night, so if you can and if you think you can learn something from this book, please pre-order it. Also you can read here the original blog post from Chris Brogan.


How can you start a discussion

Today I decided that I can do more for the planet. I took my Segway and I went to work on it. I will not tell you that in my city there are not enough places were you can use it or that it is not so safe to go with it in traffic but I will tell you what I have seen.

I have seen people looking curious after me.

Some people asked me about the Segway and we started a discussion.

In this way I met Mihai Constantinescu who is a famous romanian singer and I had a chat about the Segway.

Out of the blue I became remarcable. Why? In a world of cars and motorbykes I was riding something completely different, something unseen and it was amazing, it was moving easily and quietly and quite fast.

In many cases this is what you need to start a discussion. You need to do something different than everybody else, to stand out from the crowd and people will start talking about you and with you. And you need to engage with them, be alive and show everybody who you are. You do not need a Segway for that. My friend Manuela (and my former boss) was having red hair. This is what made her to stand out of the crowd. She was not another blonde or brunette. She was red haired and everybody noticed her.

Find out how can you stand out from the crowd and start doing it today. You will feel a lot better about yourself and you will get a lot of friends. Tell me bellow  what made you stand out and what your experiences were.

I have passed the exam

After waiting for a week for the release of the official results I can finaly tell you all that I have passed the exam. I am now officialy an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and here is my badge.

Want one for you? Just go to and start the IMU courses in August.

Want some advice? Just drop a message below.

What I like most about IMU

In a previous post I wrote that I am attending the IMU classes (by the way you can attend them too just click here). this is my first experience of an online interactive class so I had a lot of  preconceived ideas. One of them is that we will be missing the interaction, the networking between students. Networking was very important for me when I did my MBA, for example. I still have a lot of friends from that time, I work with 4 of them in the same organization (I did my MBA 9 years ago), one of them became the godfather of my children and so on.

How is networking in the digital era? Well, it has its pros and cons but the first thing is that it exists, and it is fun to interact. The guys from IMU put a forum among the student resources and frankly, I found a lot of answers to my questions out there. I don’t know if I will make friends among my student colleagues but for sure I will learn a lot from them. So thanks IMU for making this possible.

I became a fan of Razvan Lucescu

I am neither a football fan, nor a soccer fan, but today I met a trainer and I had the opportunity to discuss a few things about his life journey and himself. In couple of hours he converted me to a member of his tribe. I will definetely watch football differently from now on.

Thank you Razvan and thank you Learning About because you made this meeting possible.


Razvan Lucescu telling stories

Razvan Lucescu telling stories

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