Learn How to Get other People to Promote You

Learn How To Get Other People To Promote You

And “Share Your Story” With Their Audiences

… without any hype, and without sacrificing an ounce of your integrity

Download a free 45 minute call where Johnny B Truant and Dave Navarro talk through a bunch of in-the-trenches stuff about getting people to spread the word about you, become excited to tweet your links and recommend you – without hesitation – to all of their followers.

What we talked about on this strategy-packed call

  • Why some people bomb at self-promotion
  • What A-list people look for before they’re willing to promote you
  • The three things that almost guarantee that someone will share your story
  • Examples of how Johnny and Dave got big names to put the spotlight on them
  • How to get your audience involved (and happy) to spread the word about you
  • Why story is 100 times more important than your “Unique Selling Proposition”

And much more stuff.